My designs are inspired by the millinery of the 1930s, 40s and 50s but can equally be worn with contemporary clothes to give a stylish and unusual finish to an outfit. I work mainly in wool felt, tweeds and other fabrics to create unique designs for special occasions and everyday wear. They can be worn for weddings, country shows, vintage days out and just to go shopping.

Working in the wool felt I hand sculpt each individual hat and use vintage and handmade trims. With tweeds and other fabrics I enjoy blending and contrasting the fabrics for subtle and exciting effects.

I hand stitch trims onto the hats to give a good finish to each piece and I use machine stitching to give a specific effect. I make hats and “perchers”, or, as my Mother called them in the ’50s, head skimmers. I design the perchers to be worn in various ways to suit different wearers. I find that ladies enjoy being able to adjust the way they wear a hat to suit their own different style and personality and I enjoy seeing the fun they have when trying the hats. When they ask me “How do I wear this?” I tell them “Whichever way suits you.”

If you are having an outfit made for an upcoming occasion I can use fabric from your outfit to create you a hat.

I can remodel felt hats you no longer wear into a hat created specially for you.

Have a look in the Finishing Touches where you will see my latest ideas to complete your outfit. I have created some unique brooches and will also be making matching shoe clips. If you have a jacket you’d like to dress up a little I will be making sleeve cuffs and to pretty up your boots there will be boot cuffs.

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