My first website!

Here I am blogging on my first website. I have to thank my sister for creating this site and finally getting me up and running on it. It will be changing over time as she and I continue to work on it and add new designs. My problem is that I’d rather be making a hat than developing a website. She would rather be websiteing that doing anything involving a needle and thread. I used to sew the ladders in her 20 denier, American tan tights for her when we were at school. Perhaps I should also thank her for that early training in delicate needlecraft!

Between us we will be adding more and better pictures to the site and more content. She is a whizz with all that techy stuff so I shall leave her to do a lot of that. I’m hoping to get some photos from satisfied customers wearing the hats they have bought so you can see how stylish they look when worn.

Thanks to The Sister I am now also on Instagram. Unfortunately I don’t really know how to use it so you’ll have to be patient with me on that one!!